Volume Rocker Media Controls - How to implement?

Feature Request - When phone screen is off and music player is running, long pressing volume rockers can be used to change media volume, seek and skip tracks.

Think of an informecial on TV:
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It’s raining, you walk to somewhere and have music playing through your earphones. Suddenly a track that doesn’t fit your mood begins to play in your phone. What do you do? You take out your phone out of your pocket, holding your hand over it so the drops don’t hit the screen. But no chance, your phone gets wet. Stressed and in a hurry, so it doesn’t get worse, you press the power button to get the screen going and alas, the standard music app that comes with your OpenFairphoneOS doesnt have lock screen controls! Even more stressed, because your phone starts to get soggy, you frantically wipe the lockscreen away and try to swipe down for the menu, which doesnt really work because the water droplets on your phone screen interfere with touch controls. Finally just as you manage to hit the [>>] button on screen the track you didn’t like has ended anyway.

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Now with the alll new Volume Rocker Media Controls, you can change tracks without even looking at your phone! While the phone screen is off and the music player is working, just press and the volume rocker up for two seconds and the next track comes up! Your phone stays in your pocket, no rain on screen.

Volume Rocker Media Controls features
[+] Press the Volume Rocker up as you are used to to increase volume
[-] Press the Volume Rocker down as you are used to to decrease volume

[>>|] Hold Volume Rocker up for 2 seconds to change to the next track
[|<<] Hold Volume Rocker down for 2 seconds to change to the previous track

[>>] Hold Volume Rocker up for four seconds and the player begins to search forward inside the track
[<<] Hold Volume Rocker down for four seconds and the player searches back inside the track

How to?
So, I know this exists as nearly all the roms I used have this function. How do we get this into Open FP OS? What do I need to do to make this happen?

Where I come from
2009 Motorola Droid/Milestone with MIUI and other Roms
2011 GNEX with custom ROMs like AOKP, SlimLP and Cyanogenmod, currently running 6.0.1 smoothly btw.
Always a user, never actually built anything Android, but I am willing to learn. Last line of code I wrote was C++ 11 years ago in school, so I might be a little rusty.

I suggest you add this to the feature request, so people who like the idea can vote for it.

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Or you can install GravityBox (XPosed framework needed) which has a similar function :slight_smile:
Bye! :slight_smile:

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Dear DjDas

Thank you for your reply. Is that persistent? I mean, does it stay when an OpenFP update rolls in? Or do I have to install xposed + gravitybox (and I gues configure everything from scratch) again?

Well, XPosed needs to be reflashed when you update your system, because it substitutes some system files, while GravityBox is a simple user app so it maintains its configuration after the update.
Usually I flash (from TWRP) the FP Open system update and the XPosed ZIP file together (TWRP lets you choose up to 10 ZIP files to flash in the same session) and then after the reboot I get back my setting :slight_smile:
Please note that starting from OpenOS 16.11.0 you need a new XPosed ZIP file because the old one is not compatible, due to some Google restrictions added as security patches (you can find more information using the forum search)

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