Volume does not adjust during bluetooth phone call

When I connect my FP3 via bluetooth to a handsfree device, the volume during a phone call will not adjust. I can use the volume buttons on the phone or use the touchscreen and the volume slider moves up and down just normal. Despite of that the volume of the phone call does not change, it remains a full 100% all the time and phone calls sound really distorted.

Has anyone observed the same problem? Does anyone have an idea to fix this?

(Info: Bluetooth volume of played music adjusts fine, only the phone calls = handsfree protocol will not adjust.)

Has really nobody made any experiences yet on adjusting the volume of bluetooth telephony?

Please share your experience: Does it work or does it not? This will help me figure out whether it is a general problem or just with my particular phone. Thanks.

Just tried here with my own Bluetooth headset ( https://aftershokz.com/products/aeropex ) and it worked fine, both with the buttons on the headset itself and on the phone buttons.

I connect my hearing aids through a compilot (bluetooth connection) with my phone. In this way the sound comes directly to my hearing aids.
Adjusting the volume on the phone during a call is possible.

On my FP2 the sound was much better during calls.
Now the whole time there is murmur on the background. Very unpleasant.

OK, thanks vivia and Lidwien,

I have looked into things a bit further. When I make a phonecall using a bluetooth headset, there are not problems, just as vivia said. And I can talk though my portable Bose bluetooth speaker box.

But I had the opportunity to test the FP3 with three different hands-free systems in three different car. They all have the same problem: During a phone call the volume won’t adjust. It’s just always at 100 % causing some very distorted and hard to understand sound.

I have not yet found any way to solve this issue. Gotta write to FairPhone support ethen.

Hi! I have a similar problem, I can not turn the volume on phonecalls up in my cars handsfree. So I can not answere or make calls while drivning, I dont hear the other person and the other dont hear me either. Very annoying! It worked perfect with My FP2. Will try without bumper tomorrow!

Edit: It worked just fine without the bumper!!! :slight_smile: I am so happy the phone was not broken or anything! Now I can take and make calls while drivning again!!

I have the same issue with my FP3. The sound is fine using the phone as mic and audio, and also listening to music or audible with bluetooth headset/car it just fine. Audio is generally good.

However, taking calls using bluetooth headset or speaker gives too low volume and the volume will not adjust for improvement. This I have confirmed with my car, and three bluetooth headsets from different manufacturers (which work just fine with other phones, and my old FP2).

I had the same problem and yesterday I tried ro make a call without the bumper on. That did the trick, the volume was normal and adjustable! Not all that practical to have to taket the bumper of all the time, bit att least there is a way!

I tried two different bluetooth headsets of supposingly rather good quality with my FP3: Sennheiser Momentum Free (in ear) and Sony WH-1000XM2 (over ear). Both sound good when listening to music/audio files.
However when I do phone calls (on both SIM and different networks) the sound quality is very poor and distorted, sometimes difficult to understand the other person. I can adjust the volume though, however the sound is still bad with low volume…
It is all the same with Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P6 (bluetooth box) - good audio with music, distortion with phone calls.
Bumper on/off no difference.

Should I open a new thread?