Volume control too big steps

Hi, the volume control in FP4 is not ideal, there are too big steps between levels. Is it possible to fix this in the next software update or are there any workarounds by then?


Personally I’d love to have the volume level presented in absolut numbers or maybe even percentages. The way it is now I always have to guess, which volume level I am at.

Does anyone know how to achieve that?

So; in order to increase the number of volume steps the values need to be added to /system/build.prop (can only be done with a rooted phone, Caution: will delete your data (Android security reasons)).

So far only 4 out of 6 volume steps have been added in the AudioService.java from 2009 (original Android source code).

I haven’t figured out where to modify the ringtone and notification steps yet, but the rest are defined under property contexts (which assigns them as global variables (I think)).

I currently run LineageOS, but would love if the Fairphone developers looked into this.

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