Volume Control Problems with 'Apple' Wired Earphones

I recently bought some Apple Wired Earphones with minijack so that I can quickly switch between my various devices. I find that with my FP3+ the output audio is fine and the mic works adequately, however the other inline controls seem to have issues.

Volume - I can’t change the volume at all using my inline controls
Pause/Play - Pausing always seems to glitch on the first press as it pauses for a second, and then carries on playing at a really low volume. Upon a second press, it generally seems to pause. Pressing to play again there will be a jump in volume, but I believe it generally works first time at least.

Has anybody else experienced these issues with a FP3/FP3+ and have any solutions?

(I have seen a post for headphone recommendations for the FP2 where they reported that the mic didn’t work at all for wired Apple earphones, so at least the FP3 seems to have made an improvement on that)

not all headphone controls work with all phones and I doubt that this is a Fairphone issue and think its more an issue of (in your case) Apple with other system. I have 2 BT Huawei earbuds and the older version does not work properly with the FP3 and FP4 in terms of vol control etc. the new version works better with FP3 and FP4 although I feel it works better with FP3 than with FP4…my old Apple wired headset also never worked properly with the FP2. I just checked with FP3 for music and I see as well that vol control does not work at all, pause/play is a but finicky which is working more reliable with the FP2. cannot check mic functionality.


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