Volume Control defaults to CAST volume, despite not using cast at all

Hey Guys I’m using a Fairphone 3, 1 month old. After the last update I’ve had a bunch of audio issues - not being able to hear anything on phone calls (raised on seperate thread) and more recently when I try to adjust the volume, it only lets me change the CAST volume. I don’t even know what that is!

No devices are attached via Cast in settings, I guess its trying to send audio to another device, of which there is none and never has been.

When I try to listen to anything on my phone there is no audio. When I adjust the volume, it only adjusts the Cast audio. I click on the music / sound volume bar which shows up next to it, and it will just flick straight back to Cast and not let me change the device audio at all.

It seems doing a restart might fix this temporarily (also the workaround for other audio issues when making phonecalls, raised on a seperate thread) but I’m starting to get tired of having to restart my phone every couple of hours to get basic things to work properly. Is this all just known Fairphone issues, or is my specific phone on the blink?


Is your phone up to date? Last update is 3.A.0045.