Volume buttons have little effect on call volume

I am unable to turn the volume of phone calls down to a reasonable volume. The volume bar that appears when pushing the buttons gets stuck at about 25% and I can see no way to reduce volume further. The situation is even worse when using the speaker. Here the volume buttons do not seem to have any effect at all.

I have the same problem both on OpenOS and on LineageOS.

There is an open issue for it on the bugtracker for OpenOS, hopefully there will be a fix that can be ported to LineageOS.

edit: a fix seems to be on the way


Good to hear that I wont need to annoy the neighbourhood with “pain in the butt music” when in support waiting queues anymore :slight_smile:

I have this problem with the normal Fairphone OS. It does not seem to be specific to Lineage. It seems to me the call volume slider does not have any function at all.

The new Fairphone OS release 17.09.3 contains a possible fix for this. Are changes like that usually ported to Lineage?

I have this problem from the beginning as well. I was hoping that flashing the latest modem files 17.09.3 containing the fix in the FP OS 17.09.3 would solve the issue. However, this problem still exists. I have a feeling it has gotten a bit worse since flashing the latest modem files.

Who said the modem files (which Fairphone receive “as is” and can’t change) contain the fix and not the OS (which Fairphone can change)?

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