Volume buttons change media volume instead of ringtone

The Volume buttons of FP4 (Android 12 latest update Mar-23) change media volume instead of ringtone, also when no media is selected or played. Moreover the volume button icon at the top indicates ringtone (and not media). I believe this is not logical and not as expected.

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You’re right

Pressing the volume button moves a vertical slider with the bell symbol for ring and notification volume.

However when pressing the 3 dots to see all 4 volume sliders it’s the media volume slider that moves.

Press ‘see more’ to get to the sound settings and it’s still the slider for media volume that moves.

Interesting, wasn’t aware of that.

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That seem to be normal, its the same on the FP3 with Iode OS Android 13 and FP2 Lineage OS Android 11. You can set the rington volume on the screen, once you expand the sound settings using the three dots

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You led me astray.

That’s not a bug… The symbol for the ringtone is the actual state the phone is in, by tapping you get the choice ‘ring’ - ‘vibrate’ - ‘silent’.

Android 11 showed the symbol for the level change under the slider, android 12 shows the correct symbol in the slider.


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