Volume Adjustment Poor

I bought the new FP3+ recently and used it for 2 weeks now. I still can’t adjust the notification loudness to my preferences. Even the lowest setting about vibration is extremely loud compared to previously owned phones. The slider also only allows very few intermediate steps for notifications (6 if I counted correctly). Are there any workarounds one can use?

Nope, unfortunately. Only Media volume is more granular at Settings > Sound.

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This may not be the answer you’re looking for - but it’ll work.

If you replace the stock operating system (Android) with the free, open source /e/ operating system, which gives you root access, you can install the Xposed framework and through that install the module VolumeSteps+, which allows you to manually configure the granularity of your volume control.

Not ideal or simple, but if you’re dead set on getting more volume steps, this is the easiest way (unless you’re comfortable manually editing your build.prop).


Dear Robbert,

I know this thread is quite old, but as I own a FP4 now, I came across the same issue and feel like this answer can’t be true…

I mean, I am in some way a techie, but properly adjusting volume on a smartphone is not a feature, it’s an absolute basic and just has to work without any tweaks.
Never before I had such an issue with the few smartphones I owned, here I have it with ringtones and media alike…

Is there any chance to make such topics visible to developers for improvement? Like
a “feature request”?


You can #contactsupport .

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