VoLTE on FP2 (again)

Hi all,
I recently read that Telefonica in Germany has opened VoLTE and VoWiFi for all customers in their network. Since I guess that quite some people use their network with their Fairphone 2, we now should have enough people to get a clear picture of what is possible and what not on terms of VoLTE.
I still don’t have any such settings available in the normal settings menu, the Android menu just tells me I could disable the VoLTE flag and I could deactivate the IMS registration. When calling while having LTE available it still falls back to a different technology (CSFB).
So in general it looks like it is capable of doing VoLTE, in particular it isn’t. For VoWiFi I don’t have any hope since that was destroyed in the earlier thread which is already closed (otherwise I would have posted there).
Any more ideas on VoLTE?


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