"Voicemail" on the phone to save expensive voicemail calls?

Does anyone know a piece of (ideally free and open source) software that acts like voicemail but runs “locally” on your phone. Ideally including a filter function to only pick up and record calls from known numbers.
I am looking for this to avoid the horrendous charges some pay as you go providers charge just for checking voicemail.


I think it’s time to change your provider. Thanks to EU, you can transfer your number to your new provider. Leave a message at your old provider saying why you have changed. Only then they understand you don’t accept those high voicemail-checking tariffs and maybe they change their behaviour. Or do they all have so expensive tariffs when checking your voicemail?

I don’t have to pay expensive fees to call my voicemail, but still I’d love such a software too. I hate waiting ages for the voicemail computer to spell out time, date and caller-number before delivering the message.


Changing provider is easier said than done. In the area where we live Vodafone is the only provider that is giving us a fairly good signal. I do not have a problem with voicemail calls because I am on a Vodafone based contract for my FP2 with the PhoneCoop, but my wife is using Vodafone pay as you go because she mainly receives calls. Paying 30p / minute (with a minimum charge of one minute per call) is in my opinion a rip-off - specially when the provider already made money through the other number trying to call you. She used to be with Virgin media where voicemail calls where free (until a couple of months ago), but they use EE what is the worst network in our area. Initially the PhoneCoop had me on EE as well, but it was just a nightmare. The one thing that I enjoyed with PhoneCoop / EE was the ability to have your voicemail emailed to you at no cost at all.

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