Voicemail help please

I have a voicemail on my phone, but can’t delete it as I never set up voicemail! Sounds mad, I know… any ideas on how to get rid of it?

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Are there no spoken instructions after the voicemail is over? It’s been ages I used the feature, but on my phone back then, I would get told instructions like “press 1 to delete, press 2 to save” etc.

I think it greatly depends on which provider you have. For some you have to press 1, 2, 3 to as @urs_lesse said, others you have to say out loud “Delete” or “Save”, and I don’t think it comes from the phone. Perhaps you should ask your provider or ask someone with the same provider as you to find out how yours works.
If this doesn’t work, it’s perhaps a issue with the phone, but I honestly doubt it.

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Voicemail happens on the carrier side. You might want to check if your network provider has an Android app for managing it. Otherwise, find out the phone number for your own voice mailbox and delete the annoying message with the dial pad commands.

Good luck!

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Is it a message from a real person you know?

Did you get a message saying you got a voicemail, dial xxx to listen to it and xxx is an actual voicemail number for your providers voicemail system?

Or did you get the voicemail as an audio file straight on your device?

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