Voice Transmission Problem

Dear all,
I have been encountering a problem with my FP1 (1st Batch) to which I could not find a solution
in the forums or any trouble-shoot manual. In most calls I receive and a
majority of calls I make, the recipient of the call can hear me at a
very low volume or not at all. Sometimes, the transmission is lagging so
that some parts can be hear fine but others are missing. After a
factory reset, the phone is working fine for about 3 days, then the
problem reappears and keeps getting worse until the phone is practically
unusable for calls. I am not aware that the problem started after a
particular software update but it may have been the one in June (?) this
Has anyone encountered this problem before?



glad to read your post. I have excalty the same problem. People tell me they hear me very low or very far as if the connection was bad but strange enough I hear them perfectly. I’ve also noticed that the top of the phone is becoming very hot after 2-3 minutes of calling. I find it very worying.
Does anybody encounter the same problem? Found a solution?


As I indicated, for my case a short term solution is a factory reboot but it only helps for a couple of days.

  • Could you try to test your microphone via Skype, Voice Mail etc. to rule out its hardware defect?
  • Do you have a stable network connection (2G or 3G)?
  • Is “very hot” something you can’t touch? Or it is just a little bit warmer than the surrounding?

Cheers, Robert

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It does noticeably warm up, yes. Should be normal behaviour, unless your phone starts to show temperature warnings on screen and/or shuts down.

The volume issue is, however, not normal behaviour.

Are you sure it suddenly appears, or is it just gradually getting worse from the beginning but taking 3 days before it is bad enough to notice? If it suddenly happens, is there any pattern to when it occurs?
It could be that one of the apps you have installed is misbehaving. If the problems don’t occur in safe mode, then it’s likely an app that is causing the problems.


I still have the same problems.
about temperature, it’s warmer thant the previous phone I used before even if my fairphone doesn’t show temperature warnings. However I’m worried about my health. Doesn’t a higher temperature mean a higher potential damage ?
About the volume issue, I can’t mange to enter safe mode as you suggest - i’ve tried to follow the instructions on the page (✏ Fairphone Forum Dictionary) but without any success. In particular I really ask myself what “again hold down volume up and volume down” means?

In addition I have now to charge my FP everyday (only 1 year old) and it now shuts down when the battery is still 30%.
Does it soubd noraml for you? Do I have to change my battery?
I’m quite disappointed about this phone supposed to be sustainable ???

Thank you for your help.

First off, the battery issues you describe could indeed indicate a battery problem. There’s a community-written battery guide here. Check whether your battery is swelling - see the first point under Problems and Solutions. If it is, it’s likely covered by warranty. You may want to contact support directly about your battery even if there’s no evidence of swelling.

Safe mode can be tricky, the easiest way for me is via the shutdown menu when the phone is on: press the power button until the shutdown menu appears, then press on the Power Off option until it asks to Reboot. Tapping OK should reboot into safe mode.
The other way you refer to is indeed not worded in the most straightforward manner (‘again’ refers to the switching on, not the holding of buttons). Basically, when the starting the phone, hold volume up and volume down at the same time until the phone has finished starting. I personally don’t like this method, as you end up in different system areas if you accidentally hold only one of the volume buttons.

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