Vodafone? SIM toolkit!

Just out of curiosity, why is the SIM toolkit called “Vodafone” ? My phone was never near a Vodafone subscription. Shouldn’t it be call “SIM toolkit”? Or is Vodafone secretly sponseroring Fairphone?

On which device? FP3(+)?
I guess it’s perhaps because FP and Vodafone have a known partnership. That the SIM toolkit is called Vodafone should rather be regarded as a bug if it’s not your provider. You might want to ask support and to report the bug.

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Vodafone are working with Fairphone on setting up the deafult OS so I imagine a bit of their fluff gets stuck in the cracks.


It’s “SIM-Toolkit” on my Fairphone 3, provider is Telekom.
Who’s your provider?


my provider is swisscom and naka. like i wrote never near vodafone.

than thats it. i just wondered.

Ah! Lots of sticky fluff :slight_smile:


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