Vodafone DE problem

Hello im in germany right now and bought vodafone 7days hotspot ticket for 10€ today but i used option without account.they took money but i dont have internet and i cant check nothing because i dont have account

Hi, I assume you will have to check or add the APN settings under settings - Network - mobile network - advanced

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Have you enabled roaming?
Maybe a beginner question, but it doesn’t hurt to ask :wink:

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I mean its not internet in my Phone
I bought ticket for the wifi hotspot in m apartament I bought IT and IT Still want me to log in before using wifi🤔(I used to buy IT without creating account by paypal)

OK sorry dont eally understand. So its not a SIM card for mobile network? What asks you to log in where? Are you asked to enter the wifi password? No sure which account you are reffering to, a Vodafone account?

Edit: OK I see you added a picture above. Not sure how to help, as I doubt its related to your Fairphone, so maybe its more hepful to contact Vodafone

No voucher code on your ticket?

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@all: According to the screenshot, it’s actually a Wi-Fi hotspot so it doesn’t have to do with mobile internet. So adjusting the APN or roaming would not solve the problem.

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No i dont have. they took money from my bank account and I dont even have any confirmation

If it’s a wifi hotspot, we can’t really help you with it, you’ll have to contact Vodafone or the IT administrator operating the hotspot to retrieve your voucher code.

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