VLC Playlist Not Working

I’m trying to set up playlists for music using the VLC player. I can make a playlist, give it a name, but when I add songs the whole album where that song is ends up in the playlist and songs from other albums disappear from the playlist. I heard there were problems with the latest update of the VLC with other phones. Is this a VLC, or a FP" problem? Can it be fixed or should I get another app for playing music?

I tried to reinstall the app, and to turn off the Privacy Impact. Nothing helped.

I use the version 1.7.5 from Google Play Store and it works as it should. I just created a playlist by selecting “append” (“anhängen” in German) for every song I want to add from the alphabetical song list. When I do this from the album list, I have the same behaviour as you described.

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I cant create a playlist this way, only a temporary one, the playlist-section stays empty.

You have to save it by tapping at the floppy disk icon. Then you have to restart VLC in order to make it appear in the playlists list.

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Thank you for your reply.
Do you first choose one song from the alphabetical songlist, press floppy disk icon, then go to playlist to press append, then go back to alphabetical songlist, choose a new song, press floppy disk icon, then go to playlist to press append, keep doing this back and forth, close down the app, reopen the app and then you can play the playlist?

No, you just select all songs (by tapping “append” in the three dots menue next to the song) and then, by long pressing on the song that is playing (in the lower part of the screen), you see the playlist. Then you can save it to use it in the future. To be honest, this playlist stuff in the Android version of VLC is just a pain in the ass and there’s no real documentation about it. I found out how it works more or less by reading the VLC forum. Maybe there’s a better way to do it, but if they don’t tell us, how can we know…

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VLC kinda works, somehow buggy however. It tends to crash with foreign playlists. Making own playlists works, but navigation in this app is as simple and intutitive as tax declaration using ancient egyptian calculus.

However thanks a lot, Irina_Spitznagel, for patience and help :wink:

After reading that it is at least possible,I had some ambition and found a more easy way to create a playlist:
Open tab “songs” (or whatever it is in english), press this play button, swipe the appearing play bar upwards. There is your full music list. By swiping left or right you can sort out every title you do not want. Saving as new playlist when done. Done.

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Cool, that works!

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