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I’m a user of fairphone oos, very happy with it. I’ve recently add the visual voice mail to my mobile phone plan but i’m forced to use the app from my provider… But i don’t really like that option…
After few researches i don’t find any alternatives on F-droid, but this : is there a way to add this feature to my fairphone oos? Or do i just have to wait until the team reach this version of android? Or maybe someone known about a free/open source alternative?

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Your source says that its implementation works already with Android 6. It is just improved in Android 7 by fetching and pre-fetching some contents.

  • Does your carrier implement OMTP v1.1 VVM specs without IMAP auth, as described there?
  • Does your carrier provide destination number and port number for SMS, as described?

Then I believe you already can use the current implementation.


I’m blocked now…

I don’t get any options on tel app for the VVM, even if i uninstall the app of my provider. I don’t find any way to activate it.

I don’t anderstand how to change theses carrier settings…

I’m a bit lost on the page i found about it…

Hmm, the page says that the Android implementation hands over its functionality in case a provider specific app is installed when it recognizes so. But it does not say how to revoke the link to the app when it’s not present any more.

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Not sure to have the same problem… but I used to have the VVM on fairphone open os with the stock android app. Your post make me have a look and it’s not there anymore… I don’t think I have change anything…

For the record it was looking like this.

Is that what you are looking for?

Hi again,

Ok, I think I found it… In the phone app , in “parameters”-> “phone accounts”, select your provider and there you should found voice mail with an option to enable it.

Hope this help…

I’ve never get the logo of vvm on my telephony app, even when i was on android 6 with no prover vvm app installed.


The link you share is exaclty what i’m looking for!

Weirdly i don’t get the option you told me.

In my provider accompt menu, i got “voice mail” :

  • service : can choose only my provider
  • config : choose the number i call to listen to voicemail
  • and other options about rigging.
    But any other options linked to voice mail…

I’ve just tried to emptying cache of tel base app, nothing new happens. No menu about vvm, no options about vvm…

Thanks for help,

Weird in fact, we have the same OS…

The VVM option (enable/disable) is in the voice mail menu (the one you find) on my phone, sure that’s not the same on yours??

Are you both on the same operator? I also only see the VM options @frederiiiic has pointed out. But neither I have set up my VM yet, nor do I believe that my operator supports VVM.

Yep, that makes sense, as the menu entry is set after the name of my operator…

Orange (France) is my operator.

I understand that @frederiiiic is using a dedicated app for VVM, so I guess that his operator supports it.
Have you try to uninstall the operator app? Maybe some kind of conflict??

I’m in france, my provider is Bouygues (B&You).

I’ve completly uninstalled the dedicated app from bouygues…

Here is my complete move in the menu :

Unfortunatly maybe @Amber is right, but 2 week ago i had to change sim card to another old mobile, and this one recieved some hidden SMS after listening to my voicemail, and they look like VVM commincations :
“//VVM:SYNC:ev=NM;t=v;s=06XXXXXXXX;id=561;l=24;c=1;dt=19/12/2017 15:23 +0100”

Maybe they used VVM but haven’t declare it in the network, so user can only use the dedicated app, and are forced to share their entire phone for using it!!

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Ok, so that’s (the last screenshot) where I can enable the VVM.

I think you are right : it seems that bouygues does want you to use there app.

I have no other idea… sorry :frowning:

I’ve just read that topic on bouygues :
Apparently they don’t launch vvm, and i’m not the only one trying to use it!

Anyway, thanks all for your help!

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