Virus problem with FP2

I’m experiencing a big virus problem i’m pretty sure.
i’ve tried to reboot my phone and cleaning it but it doesn’t seems to work ; the applications open whenever they want and then doesn’t respond anymore 30 sd later . ( i still have the little announce that the application doesn’t respond )
the launcher for exemple is quitting all the time. everything is so unstable that i can not do sms, calls or do whatever with the phone since 2 days.
i have try to use some cleaner but they quit after 30 sd too.
sometime i can’t even control the screen, nothing move anymore.
i have to close it, or reboot it or even sometime take out the batterie in order to have it back for 5 mn.
it’s extreme…

what can i do ??

Have you already called Fairphone Support (using a different phone, of course)?

Phone number and office hours can be found at the very bottom here:


I got exactly the same issues : unable to use this phone, very very very disapointed
Sometimes reboot itself
App crash after 30sec
Screen freeze
unable to call anyone…

If these problems started fairly recently, try uninstalling the Facebook app:


I had exactly the same problem than you at the beginning of the week. I uninstalled Facebook app, as it’s recommended below: and everything is ok now!


You can alternatively install Facebook Lite (official app by Facebook, Link to Google Play). I’ve been using this instead of the standard Facebook app for severeal months now and I’m not experiencing any issues. You can even send messages without the Messenger app through Lite.


yes i’ve done it ( call fairphone help desk ) and finally i’ve used the instruction to restore the phone : Factory data reset
it’s not funny to re-install everything but at least the phone is working again. i was thinking the problem was coming from some baby’s Apps that i haven’t control…but the FB option seems very possible too.

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