Virus message on my phone

I was on Facebook and got a pop up message from this site to say I have a virus in my fairphone 2. I don’t know whether to follow the on screen instructions. I’m wondering if the message is a part of the virus. Is this site part of the fairphone site? Should I trust it?

Never trust any messages about having a virus unless they come from an anti-virus app that you installed and trust (most AV apps are just a waste and most messages of this kind are spam).


I second this. never trust any such popup


That*s if you are lucky.
More likely, I would expect some malware behind the link you are asked to click onto.


Anyway you shouldn’t use the official Facebook app as it is asking for trouble, it takes a lot of resources and it is heavy on the battery.
You are better off with for instance Tinfoil for Facebook or Face Slim.


@Lidwien Or MaterialFBook, which has the messenger included so you can trash the FB Messenger app as well :slight_smile:

My mother clicked on one of those popups. It then asked her to confirm her phone number, which she did. She ended up subscribed into a service that would charge her to send her SMS spam. Fortunately she was on prepaid, so she just saw her credit run out immediately (5-10€) and didn’t add any more credit until she contacted her phone provider and had all similar numbers blocked. They said she could contact the police to say that the service subscription was a fraud and therefore ask for a refund, but she declined, saying that it’s not worth the effort for such a small amount of money.


Unfortunately that’s the way they work and end up being successfull.
I really understand your mother and her lack of motivation to take action.
Yet …

Just some information in case one happens to experience the same thing:
Reporting such a case to the police can be done online as well in Germany.
By the way, in Germany you should report such numbers to the Bundesnetzagentur
Beschwerde bei Rufnummernmißbrauch
On their homepage the have a list of numbers and measures taken during the last six months / Liste der von der Bundesnetzagentur wegen Missbrauchs von Rufnummern in den letzten sechs Monaten ergriffenen Maßnahmen
Those informations are in german language only.
In most cases they disconnected the numbers or prohibited accounting.

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