Virgin Wifi on the London Underground (Phone Coop)

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I’m hoping this is the right section to ask this question.

Seeing as the Phone Coop is the only network to get a contract with the Fairphone, could anyone tell me if it’s possible to log into Virgin Wifi on the Tube? And if so, which network I choose and how I sign up for it?

I’ve googled all kinds of word combinations but nothing’s coming up. I’ll also contact the Phone Coop but hoping someone here will have some insight. Thanks!


I doubt that you can use it for free. But you can definitely purchase access

EE customers have access to the underground WiFi, but the phone Co-op isn’t listed. However they are an MVNO and use the EE network… So it could be possible, however I believe access is tied to a SIM and therefore i would imagine it is controlled to only EE customers and not MVNO customers.

I was in London earlier in the week, i should have tried it. I have one SIM on EE and the other on the phone Co-op

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I think there surely is an username/password fallback. Because EAP-SIM (authenticate to a Wi-Fi with the SIM card) is supported by only a few devices.

But where to get this username/password, is a good question. Ask “The Phone Coop” support whether this Wi-Fi is supported by them and how to log-in into it.

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There’s nothing about the phone that might prevent you from connecting, I’ve used it myself as a Three customer. Sounds like a question to just ask the Phone Co-op!

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The Fairphone 2 is usable with (nearly) every network in Europe. It has no SIM lock. So, if you wish to have another provider, you can purchase phone and contract separately. (With purchasing separately, you can also avoid those long-time contracts which I do not like and do not recommend.)

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