Virgin media selling or no longer selling in UK

I am a Virgin Media network user who is interested in buying the fairphone 4. Last time I looked in November 2022 the fairphone 4 was available from Virgin. I went to order a month later and Fairphone was not listed as a manufacturer that is sold by Virgin. The fairphone website still lists virgin as a fairphone retailer. Will someone look into this and determine if Virgin will restock fairphone 4 for sale in UK?



Hi Bruce and welcome to our community forum.

It is actually very very rare to find Fairphone staff in our forum, so I would strongly recommend you contact the company directly here:

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Or ask Virgin about their plans to re-stock? Else there are other reseller like clove

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I’m sure as @yvmuell has suggested, Virgin Media are the people to ask. I see no reason why Fairphone would not supply them if they asked, but then again you can ask Fairphone as suggested by @urs_lesse

So do you want, or to keep, a contract, with Virginmedia and so are reluctant to buy elsewhere?

Also being a retailer doesn’t mean they will have them advertised if not in stock.

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