Vinyl Wrap/Skin

Has anyone found a vinyl skin (wrap) thet fits the fairphone 3?

I would like to wrap my nice new fairphone 3+ with a protective layer of sticker. The usual suspects of wrap stores do not seem to service this brand.

What exactly do you call a skin or wrap?
I use the Feuerware Mitch15 for the FP3 with protective case:
Mitch 14 might fit without the case or bumper.


Thank you!

I was avoiding posting brands, but to explain what I mean I will provide examples.

You can see what I mean by visiting or

Sheets of Vinyl stickers you can wrap your phone (or laptop) in, cut in shape as to go around the buttons, camera etc. and thermally formable to go around bends.

I’d just buy a sheet of adhesive vinyl, but then I’d have to run a knife through the sheet while on the phone - making scratches while trying to protect the phone from scratches.

Then again I just can replace the frame and back when they’re used up so this is not as much a priority as with other phones.

I like those feuerwear sleeves very much and have a store for them in walking distance, so I’ll probably get one. I also like skins, though… :slight_smile:


Ok, thank you for the links. I never saw something like that before and so I didn’t even think that it exists :slight_smile:.


If I get that right, the skin is covering the phone and sticking to it.
Regarding the repairability of the FP it might be less practical than e.g. a Mitch sleeve.
For opening the phone you have to remove the skin and I have my doubts when it comes to reapplying such a skin. Or is this possible.

But one doesn’t have to open the phone of course; except for exchanging the battery or broken modules, i.e. repairs; and that shouldn’t occur too often in the life of the phone.
Well, upgrades (new camera …) are another reason for wanting to open the phone.

So maybe you can rationalize, that a feuerwear sleeve is the better choice in any way. :wink:


A well made skin would be cut to accomodate opening - the pieces would not go over the slits. :slight_smile:

But since you can just reorder the parts a wrap isn’t as necessary as with other devices. So it’s not so urgent. On the other hand you could have a white or pink fairphone with a skin! :slight_smile:

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