Villain in Captain America monologues about working conditions in the smartphone industry

I’m a bit of a comic geek and occasionally check on the comic-book blogging community scans-daily. Thought you’d all appreciate this excerpt from a recent “Captain America” comic (the author of whom is very dedicated to raising awareness of modern-day issues), where a super villain monologues about the conditions for smartphone workers…and the conversation that got started in the comments section.


Hahaha! This is great! Kudos for you for getting the word out about it.

That is a creepy sequence. It’s so true. I’ll have to pick up the issue though… it feels wrong to have read four or five pages out of a book I haven’t bought.

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And consumerism strikes again! :wink:

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It’s not consumerism, if you pay after you have read something, is it? :wink: I’d call this appreciation of good work. :slight_smile:

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As far as I know, the s_d community has a tacit agreement to only post ⅓ of any comic issue currently out so as not to spoil things, destroy copyright agreement etc. - and only after that issue has already been out for a month. So don’t feel too guilty.

Oh no! Its the Kobayashi Maru!