🇸🇪 🇬🇧 Vill ej ha kontakter via google

Om jag inte vill ha mina kontakter på google utan på själva mobilen, hur gör jag? Har importerat kontakter från min förra mobil och ser dem på mobilen när den är kopplad till datorn, men inte när jag kollar under kontakter i själva mobilen.

Du kan göra med MyLocalAccount det . Och synkronisera dina kontakter med MyPhoneExplorer till datorn.

Ledsen för maskinöversättning…

Thank you. Do you mean “My local account” on google? When I look there the only option is to erase all my account. I don’t want to do that, since I use google, g-mail and so forth on my computer, but I want to erase it from the phone only (and just use the apps gmail and chrome).

MyLocalAccount is an app, that adds the possibility to store you contacts locally on your phone.

After the installation, you can set it up as the default account in your contacts app. So you don’t have to erase your Google account. It’s still there, but you can turn off the synchronisation and store your (new) contacts only on the phone.

Thank you so much! (I think it is too bad that Fairphone does not provide a contacts app in itself).

Hello again, I haven’t had time until now to install MyLocalAccount, but I’m afraid I don’t understand how to use it instead of Google for my contacts. Will you kindly guide me?

Then all new contacts should be automatically stored in this account. You can check this by creating a new contact and looking if it appears when you select “MyLocalAccount” in “Contacts to display”.

Thank you once more! Yesterday when I tried this, only Google appeared, bur now, after having restarted the phone, it works!