Videos record without sound

My phone recently has stopped recording videos with sound. Been about 2 weeks now. My speaker works fine, so I can send audio messages, use speaker for phone or use for voice assistance, it just doesn’t record any audio when using the video. Any ideas on fix? I don’t see any options for it, and have googled a lot on general android troubleshooting without any answers. I’ve also checked for recent system updates, but none available.

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which app do you use to record the Video, the Standard Camera app? Have you tried another like e.g. OpenCamera to narrow done.

As I’m not sure which mic is used when, have you done the hardware tests, which you can reach by dialing *#*#66#*#*

So my sound on videos stopped working about 3 weeks ago. I’ve made calls since then ok. However I have just tried to send a voice note and it isn’t working. Tried the system tests and don’t think it’s working either. Shall I contact fair phone support?

So you tried the mic tests. The top one is a qaurter of the volume of the bottom one and is used for videos etc.

Do you have any warranty on you phone, i.e. still within two years of purchase, esle official support may be costly?

Hey, I just faced the same issue (no sound on any video recording app), but it was fixed after a restart. But that happened before, too. So I hope there will be an update that fixes this once and for all.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Your experience is not common so I doubt there will be a fix, and just to note this is a user forum not a way to contact Fairphone.

Unlike the other user who started this topic you give no details of how you tired nor how you may have tried to get around it.

  • You say apps (plural) which have you had problems with?
  • You mean the sound isn’t there on playback or . . . ?
  • Did you check the mics?
  • Have you cleared the cash of the camera and any recording apps?
  • Are you using the default OS and what version?
  • Do you have an SD card and is it formatted as Internal or External?
  • Where do you save your videos?
  • How much memory do you have left and check the RAM?
  • Does the sound work in video calls, i.e. when not recording.#?
  • Have you tried safe mode?

There’s a lot you can try and report back here

If you are unfamiliar with any of the above search the forum there is a mass of help, instructions, guides and experiences of people having done so.

I am reluctant to provide you with links to all that you could find by searching :slight_smile:

All the best

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