Video won't play 4k GoPro videos

So I have just recently purchased a Go Pro hero 11 for my buisness and have tried downloading files to my phone, both 5k and 4k quality videos. Some are playing completely black with audio and others a message pops up saying can’t play video (or something along those lines)

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues or if this can be resolved.

I’m trying to work out if this problem is with the phone, Google photos or the GoPro app.


What apps did you try?
Try with VLC player.

I don’t think FP + Go Pro is a combination to be found here very often.

4K only tells us which quality the video has, not which format. Did you try to convert the video to something your FP can play for sure?

Yes I must confess I didn’t think about the App I was using, it was the standard Google photos App so that could be where the issue lies. I will down load VLC and see if that works. It just seemed so hit and miss if it would work or not. It may also the the GoPro Quick app as there is hundreds of people complaining about this software.

I also appreciate using a GoPro has extra setting such as Bit size and 10 bit colour so the overall size of the files may just be too much to Handel.

As you said I struggled to find any thread on the combination of GoPro and FP so I thought it may help someone else out if I started one.

I have resorted to using my laptop solely for editing now, and general download of the cloud at a lower resolution of needed, but I was curious if anyone else has experienced a similar issue. Especially as you can film 4k with the Fairphone I found it all rather odd.

Thanks for the reply though @OldSchool

GoPro videos are kind of a challenge to work with, the H265 codec requires a lot of processing power. The official GoPro App therefore uses the low-resolution files that are by default created in parallel. (video editing workflows typically use such “proxy media” to display in the editor, and only during the final render the high-quality files are used.)

For any GoPro editing I highly recommend to go the “PC/laptop” route, and even then CPU and GPU requirements will quickly become noticeable.

To convert the GoPro files into a FullHD H264 format before any editing is an alternative, for example with the “destabilization software” GyroFlow which works pretty much out of the box with GoPro files. But again, this requires CPU power.

On my bicycle tour this summer I took an I5 “multimedia laptop” with me, even that was no fun.

My advice is to take some time and figure out a workflow for you, because if video footage brings value to your business (marketing?) you should have unique content.
Edit: Or re-evaluate if smartphone videos satisfy your needs. Much easier workflow overall!


Thanks for the response, yep you hit the nail on the head I have reverted to just doing all my video editing on my laptop. Then if I need the edited video on my phone I just download the file once the edit is complete.

I think only top end phones can process such large files.

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