Video playback display distorted

When I record a video (vertically/portrait) it shows the preview photo allright but when playing, the aspect ratio is distorted, like the height is only about 50% of what it should be.

When sending the video to someone else it displays perfectly on an iPhone, so the issue is not the recording, it’s the playback.

Familiar issue? Related to the last update?

What app are you using for playback? I can’t reproduce this using the default Google Photos app.

I have the problem with both the standard Google photos app and the ‘Gallery’ app I downloaded.

The height of the video is about half what is should be, while the width seems correct. It also behaves very odd when you rotate the device, like its always 90° ahead of you.

Update: from Whatsapp the same video looks ok. And sometimes it works ok from Photos but most of the time not.

I have the same problem.

Hallo, wir haben auf beiden unserer Fairphones das selbe Problem, kennt mittlerweile jemand eine Problemlösung?

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