Video playback aborded due to a network error


When i watch videos from the Facebook website with Firefox, i get this message pretty often.

Did it happen to anyone else ? What’s this ?

Wifi or mobile network?

How does this come up, the error message first and audio stopping some moments later?

I have this too once in a while when on Wifi. It most often happens when seeking through the video file a few times and not simply let it play.
I could not yet figure out any specific cause (maybe caching??).

You are most probably more up to date than me. I am still on Lollipop and FF 58.0.2, but it does occur once in a while under these circumstances.

If on Wifi it could be a misconfiguration in your router related to “qos” quality of service optimization for live/streaming movie content.
That’s just a guess though.


I’m just starting to watch a video, and suddenly it stops and this message pops up. If I try to move the cursor of the video directly, I get this message immediately.

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