Video issues after Android 13 Update


since my upgrade to Android 13 I’ve encountered an issue with video recordings. Everytime put the camera app into 1080p/120fps recording mode it crashes. When I restart the camera app, it crashes again. I have to empty the apps cache in order to be able to start it again.

Video recordings in 1080p/30fps are working as intended.

I’ve also tried to record videos in OpenCamera to eliminate the possibility that the regular camera app is the issue. But that doesn’t work as well. It crashes in the same fashion. Changing the storage location from “SD Card” to “Phone” does not help either. So the problem is most likely not the SD card or anything.

I’m using the FP3+.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem? Where you able to solve it?

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Same problem here, and even worse.

I experience the same problem you did with 1080p/120fps.

Moreover, if I make a video using 1080p/30fps what I see while taking the video is different from what I see while watching it. Apparently, the upper part of the video is cut. I mean all people are without their heads.

Do you also have this problem with 1080p/30fp?

I’ve never seen it before so I guess it’s related to the Android 13 update.


Now that you mention it, I do. What gets recorded is different from what I see on screen. The recorded video seems to be more zoomed in and grainy. And I definitely haven’t touched the zoom.

I just installed the latest update and that seems to have at least solved the 1080p/120fps issue. When starting the recording, the image is still getting “zoomed” a bit, but I’m not sure if that’s not what the app has always done.


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