Video Call app loops sound

Hi there.

My daughter and I each have a Fairphone 2 and we have tried calling each other using the Duo app from google. The video is okay, but the sound is horrible. All sound repeats itself over and over again, while the volume gradually increases like the sound is caught in some hellish loop. It would be cool in a horror movie, but kind of takes the fun out of an ordinary video call :slight_smile:

Any idea how to fix this problem?

Have you restarted the two devices already (according to Google’s Duo help)?

Else … what exactly does it say in Settings - About phone - Build number of your two phones?

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Yes, they were restarted.

Build number?

Please update this phone to 18.02.0, too and try again.

If the problem persists, perhaps try a different video call App to see whether the problem is specific to Google Duo or indepedent of the used App.

If the problem is specific to Google Duo, does the problem also appear with audio-only calls?

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