Vibration only when connected to a sound

Hi, I got a my fairphone 5 a few days ago and im generally very happy with it. I do however have one weird problem: vibrations seem to only work if there is a sound associated with them.

As an example I will use haptic feedback on gboard since this is very easy to test, but the same problem also exists for notifications etc. If I turn on keypress haptic feedback in gboard, it only works if I also turn on keypress sounds and the phone allows this sound to be played. If there is no sound (sound turned off in gboard, phone set to silent or vibration mode, etc) then there is also no vibration.

I have tried all the settings that I think might be relevant as well as rebooting the phone multiple times but so far nothing has helped.
Does anyone know if this is just some setting I havent found yet or how I could fix this?

Thats normal, that you have no vibration in this mode

For Gboard haptic feedback you have to allow haptic feedback in general in the settings. Is this the case?

See here

You can test vibration motor through internal tests, accessible through the my Fairphone App

Thank you for your help, yes haptic feedback is allowed in settings. It does also work if sound is on.

Thanks for the tip with the internal tests, the vibration motor does not work through that, which makes this whole thing even more confusing to me.

Also I have just noticed that the vibration does also not work if sound is played through headphones/bluetooth speakers.

Sounds like a case for Fairphone support when the hardware test fails…

yea I guess so… Its just really strange because it does work in some cases so I dont understand how the hardware test could fail.

anyway thanks for your help