Vibration Notification turns off by itself

I am really pissed off by the fact that the phone randomly turns off the vibration.
Although I put: Always Vibrate (Configuration »» Sound), at a random time it changes on its own to Never Vibrate.

This is really frustrating, because if I am in the office in a quiet ambience I just don’t want the sounds but want to know if I get any message or call.
Or if I am in a crowded noise place with the phone on my pocket I will not hear the ringtone, I would expect to get alert by the vibration!!

Maybe you have a Do Not Disturb setting that interferes or a battery saver option

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Did you ever try to just use the “menu” that shows up when using the Vol Buttons to turn on vibration? Mine is always on Vibration mode and thisnever turns itself of…

You mean this setting? Thats not meant to turn off sound and would just add vibration in addition

The important setting is this one which you can achieve as shown in my first screenshot

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I never use the Do Not Disturb
I just put the phone silent by pressing the volume key and then touching the Bell icon to change to vibration.
I had verified many times -after doing that- going into the Sound configuration and the “Always vibrate” is still on. But then at some point it deactivates.
I only use some times the Sleep Time mode (just some times, not frequently). That mode doesn’t modify it either.

I had just turned off the “Battery Administrator” function (inside Settings »» Battery) to put the hypothesis of battery saver as culprit.

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This is how I normally change from sound to vibration when I am in the office in order to shut off the sound. And then to turn on sound again.

I know it shouldn’t turn off the sound. THIS screen is the one I need to go recurrently in order to turn ON the vibration because it changes by itself from “Always vibrate” to “Never Vibrate”. Thanks for that screenshot

No you havent you just have to use the power vol button menu…it vibrates even if its set to never vibrate, because as said thats just what it would do in addition when sound is on. When sound is off it doesnt matter whats set there.

Its only important when you want both sound plus vibration and my understanding is you only want vibration.

Btw: no need to scream using capital letters.

Excuse me, may you re phrase your answer? Is not clear to me what you mean.
power button menu? how is related to the sound options?

:point_up: in crowded places that you can’t hear the sound of notification you lose them if the vibration doesn’t work

Typo: vol buttons menu, as described before with screenshot

For your use case in crowded places: so for those you want both, sound plus vibration?
If this is the case and its reset on its own to never vibrate, contactsupport to report the bug.

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