Vibrate on touch cannot be turned off

Hi all,
In the sounds&notifications I tried to turn off “Vibrate on touch” but now matter what I change in the settings (also in silent mode) vibrate on touch is still turned on. Is this a known bug? I searched the forum but could not find a similar topic.

Just found the solution :slight_smile:

Could you tell us?

I’m guessing you just still had “vibrate on keypress” enabled in the keyboards settings?


Jep, exactly. I did not know there were two places I had to switch it off. It ia my first Android phone so I am still learning…


Hi. I have the same problem and I’m perhaps very stupid, but I don’t find the keyboard settings. Can anyone help?

Go to Settings -> Language & Input -> Android Keyboard (AOSP) -> Preferences -> Vibrate on Keypress


Long press an empty space on the homescreen or perform an edge-swipe and then tap on the symbol with the 6 dots to get to the all apps view.
There go to the app “Settings” and within the app you can find “Language & Input”.

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I have been trying to turn vibrate off for months! Where is this in the settings? Also, is there a way to put it on actual silent mode, where it won’t vibrate at all? Thanks!

Sorry for the late answer.

To turn off vibration when tapping the screen you have to go to

  • Settings > Sounds & Notifications and untick “Vibrate on touch”.
  • Settings > Language & Input > Android Keyboard (AOSP) > Preferences and untick “Vibrate on Keypress”.

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