Very slow Pokemon Go performance suddenly

Hi all,

I’ve started getting very slow performance on Pokemon Go on my FP3+, but only on the screen for catching Pokemon - the rest of the game seems ok. I’m pretty sure it was working fun a few months ago, but not sure what might have changed to affect it. I’m not running it in AR mode.

Has anyone else had the same problem, or have any ideas for how to debug it? I’m on the latest OS update.


Do you have more than 10% free of the internal storage?

Yep, only 47GB used out of 64.

My wife said that Pokemon Go got a buggy update. She experienced some problems for some days. Maybe try to update Pokemon Go again.

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Thanks for the info - after some research, it does look indeed like a recent update has slowed things down for a lot of people. I’ll keep an eye on whether Niantic produce a bugfix or not, but at least I’m glad it’s not a Fairphone-specific issue :slight_smile:

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I have this problem, too.
Is it getting better with you with the poGo updates?

It’s getting better now on my fp3+, but it’s still laggy :frowning: The screens with houses and trees are the worst.
The whole game is very slow.

I get Updates from google at the beginning of the month, but a month later. I hope for June Update.
Android 13, 6.A.028.1
Pokemon Go 0.313.0
My Ram is 3.6gb 68% full, 1.2gb free
58% of my internal storage is occupied

That should be enough, right?

I was thinking of a graphic setting: just show me reduced background screen.
Is there something in the developer’s settings?

Thanks for help