Very disappointed about FP ticket support

Last year I bought 2 FP2s. One “died” after a few months and it took several weeks - I think it was 4 - until I received a confirmation from the support team that the phone can be send it in for repair.

Last month the other FP2 failed - it can not charge the battery any more. - And it is NOT a defective battery, nor the ac adapter nor the cable. It is the phone itself.

36 days ago I opened a ticket (#214284) to address this failure. No response from the support team until now - except for the automatically generated one of course.

Somewhere on this site I read that the average response time for tickets lately was 19 days. Exceeded by nearly a factor of 2 now!

Also I am asking myself, why can’t the response time for high severity (phone is (basically) “dead”) tickets be even significantly below average?
This is at least good practice in other organisations: short response times for high severity cases, longer response times for lower severity (“I don’t know how to …”) cases.

Or do I miss something?

Is there anybody out who can speed up the resolution of this?

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Fairphone support seems to be attrocious lately (more complaints here). The only thing that seems to speed things up is calling them (with your ticket number, as well as IMEI1 and order number if your ticket did not include the information already).