Version 2 Launcher - what is it?


I have just updated to kola nut 1.8.5 and everything seems to be working fine. It is the first time I have updated my fairphone. I was not on 1.8 before.

I just have a question about this sentence in the main forum post about the update:

As i never had version 1.8 on my phone, I never experienced this ‘version 2 launcher’.
What is this? Is it something I might want to install? Is it possible to install and then revert back if i dont like it?


Version 2 Launcher was the launcher of the retracted version of kola nut (1.8).
It had bigger icons and some other changes. There was alot of negative feedback so 1.8.5 has the old launcher (v 1) again


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I absolutely don’t get the rationale behind closing topics all the time, but hey, I’ll answer by opening a new one.

Yes, that’s perfectly possible. You can just uninstall it from Settings -> Apps -> All if you don’t like it.

Be AWARE: I think your settings of homescreens (incl. all your symbols) will be lost when switching between the versions.
At least this was the problem when updating from Cherry 1.6 (Launcher v1) to KolaNut 1.8 (Launcher v2).
So be aware, that this could happen also to you, and make a screenshot/paper note of your icons.

When installing a new launcher and uninstalling it again without removing the old one, at least your old launcher’s settings will remain unchanged.

Sorry for prematurely closing the topic. I don’t know what went into me but for some reason I only read the topic title and not the content of the post.

Also I forgot to refer you to the topic on how to get the V2 launcher back.

thanks everyone. I installed the v2 launcher just to try it out… to be honest it doesnt seems too different at all to the original… i’m not totally sure what the big deal was?

My guess: People hate change. :wink:

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At the time of the 1.8 update, the new launcher’s icon size was bigger which resulted in somewhat blurry icons and in less space per home screen. Apparently they changed the icon size back to the old one?

Ok, to clarify things:

  • Fairphone OS 1.6 (aka Cherry) had Version 1 launcher
  • Fairphone OS 1.8 (the postponed one) had Version 2 launcher
  • Fairphone OS 1.8.5 (aka Kola Nut) has Version 1 launcher again.

There is a topic, with plenty posts, which explains, why Fairphone decided to go back to the old launcher (Version 1):

The new launcher (Version 2) however can be downloaded from here. It looks and feels more like the Android 4.4 (aka KitKat) launcher, of course, improved with Edge Swipe.