Version 2 launcher no longer working with 1.8.7?


I was one of the people who thought that the Version 2 Launcher (the one that came with 1.8) was much better. One of the reasons was the easy creation of new homescreens (pull icon to the right edge: voila, new homescreen)

So today after updating my Fairphone to 1.8.7 I downloaded (as suggested elsewhere on the Forum) , and installed it.

Now my problem is that the launcher only has 1 homescreen AND (and that is a dealbreaker) it is no longer possible to add new homescreens

My question: has anybody had similar experiences? Is it possible that the package only worked for 1.8.5 but no longer for 1.8.7?


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I just downloaded and for me it works: I just created 30 home screens and could still add more.
I’m not on 1.8.7 though but on a beta release.

Thanks. Then the problem is with my configuration.

Question: did you have the 1.8-launcher in use? My current theory is that there is still a configuration from that on my device which the current launcher doesn’t handle. Or that the 1.8.7-launcher and the v2-launcher interfer (in the listings I see only one of them)

BTW: at the beginning. How many homescreens did you have? I only had 1 but from what I understand there’s supposed to be 3 in the initial configuration


When I installed the file I started with a totally empty 1-screen launcher. I never had the launcher before.

Thank you (without your answer I would have give up)

I think I have resolved my problem: I always tried to get a new screen by dragging an App-Icon to the right side. Seems that this only works with Widgets



For me it works with apps too, but at least it works somehow right? And as long as nobody else reports problems with this I’m filing this into the help instead of bugs category.

My fault again : you need a second item for this to work (because empty
screens are automatically destroyed). At first I tried it with only one app
icon. The second thing was a widget and then it worked.

Sorry for bothering you with this PEBCAK (problem exists between chair and