🇩🇪 Verbindung zu FritzBox wifi 6 funktioniert nicht

Hallo zusammen,

leider verbindet sich der FP5 seit dem letzten Update nicht mehr mit der FritzBox 7590 AX. Bei der ersten Einrichtung hat es kurz vorher noch funktioniert.
Auch das Löschen der Verbindung, Neustart der FritzBox und erneutes Verbinden funktioniert nicht.
Seltsamerweise kann sich das fairphone mit dem Gäste-WLAN der FritzBox verbinden.
Alle anderen Smartphones können sich problemlos mit der FritzBox verbinden.
Mit anderen älteren Routern scheint es zu funktionieren.

Ich bitte um Hilfe.

Vielen Dank,


I also had this issue, but then with my old FP4. My fix was to remove the network and then add it from the FritzBox web interface, there you can scan a QR code to add a network. Then it works fine. And in case you use a mesh network, make sure they are setup correctly and sync their configs as well. Also, maybe you have a MAC filter enabled? Then you have to add your new MAC address, note that Android randomizes MAC addresses. Every different WiFi connection has a different MAC address, but they remain stable once added.

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Thank you for the solution,
We had scanned the qr-code, unfortunately without success.
Even after removing and adding it again several times, it did not work.
I have not set a MAC address filter.
My Samsung S 20 FE 5G has no problems with the connection. Neither do other smartphones and laptops.

My son is very frustrated and probably wants to send it back.

If you’re a bit tech-savvy you might try to fetch logs using

  • $ adb shell "logcat -c && logcat > /sdcard/logcat.txt"
  • Try to connect to the wifi
  • Press Ctrl+C in the terminal you have adb running
  • $ adb pull /sdcard/logcat.txt

and search for a hint in the logs.

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Sorry, that looks like bash to me.
Should I install this on a Linux computer beforehand and connect to the Fairphone to send the commands?
I know Linux, but not Android programming.

It will imho also work on a Windows machine. Just assume the “$” signs are not there… :wink:

No Android programming is needed - but still the logs might be overwhelming. Still - something important might jump into your sight… :slight_smile:

And btw.: ADB debugging must be enabled (in developer options) on the phone.

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adb is the Android Debug Bridge - an OS independent tool. Here’s a step-by-step guide by xda-developers on how to get started with adb on various operating systems:



Thank you for the suggestions.

My son says he paid a lot of money for the Fairphone and it has to work, even if it is a Fairphone.
He doesn’t want to spend a lot of time debugging it.
I can understand it.

Sorry, Michael


Company Fairphone of course cannot test FP5 Wifi drivers/subsystem with all avaiable router models.

My FP5 not have problem connect to Wifi6/AX router Belkin RT3200 (aka Linksys E8450) set to WPA3 only (i not try other variants),…

So you problem can be some incompatibility between FP5 and FritzBox, not known if problem is on FP5 or FritzBox side, maybe on both… That another phone works with Fritzbox does not mean problem is in FP5…

Anyway general advice:

  • have you on Wifi6 SSID set only WPA3 ? or some combination with WEP/WPA2? try other with FP5
  • have you another AX router for test FP5 connection ?
  • in FP5 try edit saved wifi and change from “randomized MAC” to “device MAC” and Networkusage from “Detect auto” to “Treat as unmeterd”

but i too sugest grabing log as mentioned by Volker, this not bash, but command to Terminal (in Linux, only need install adb package) and can be without redirection to sdcard show direct in Terminal window, but looking to file after is more comfortable :wink:

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There’s also the logcat reader app, if you prefer to access logs ‘live’ on your phone. The permission required for this app needs to be set via adb once as well though.

I can only tell that it works well with FP5 and Fritzbox 7530 AX. My phone happily shows the “6” in the wifi icon, connection is stable and speed is great. So in general it does work which is why I would spend at least some time on debugging it. But I’d indeed go and check the Fritzbox configurations especially between main network and guest network (channels?). Do the other working devices support 802.11ax or are they using the wifi connection with an older standard? The Fritzbox mesh overview shows which 802.11 sub-standards are supported by the devices.
You mention the “last update”. Do you refer to the initial update that the FP5 performs after it was turned on for the first time (there was only this single one until now for mine)? Or do you refer to a Fritzbox update?

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Thank you for your feedback.
The initial update.

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