VCalendar / vcs

I need to import my VCalendar files into my FP2. I decoded the Nokia PC Suite backup to extract numerous VCS files, though not being able to import these, nor convert them to ICS files. A Java tool found on the net (VCS to ICS Calendar Converter) fails on my Windows 10 PC. Though recommended to run this JAVA executable through Eclipse seems a bit to much as for an amateur like me - requiering straight forward cookbook. So, please “Forum”, could you help me out?

If ICS is the goal, perhaps this would help …

That didn’t quite work out. Though using a combination of Textpad, dos command-line, RFC-References, a few hours trying and failing, I was able to compile a long ICS-file based on numerous VCS-files including default alarm values and most of the information stored in the originals. Puh. Petty none has made a script beforehand. But in that sense I’m now up and running, a bit more familiar with the old VCS and new ICS standards.,

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