VAT in Norway (included but excluded?)

Hi and sorry if this has been answered.
I’ve been looking at FP for a number of years now and recently big tech outlets started selling them here. However, I just missed a sale and noticed today that the phones are cheaper here in the online shop (if VAT is included) but I am a bit concerned.

Subtotal €576.90
ShippingUPS - Standard €18.14
Order Total Excl. Tax €595.04
VAT €0.00
Total Incl. VAT €595.04

I REALLY don’t want to order anything that is shipped with UPS if they are left to handle any sort of tax or vat fullfillment. I’ve had that happen a couple of times and their handeling fee is vulgar.
Is VAT really included here? It looks as if it’s not and as if it is… I’m a bit confused and I don’t want to leave it to chance.

Assuming you are ordering a Fairphone 4 - if I select Germany and 128GB storage, the price is €579 including €92,45 VAT; with 256GB storage, €649 including €103,62 VAT (these prices are without shipping.)

Because the VAT rate is higher in Norway, I would expect a slightly higher price incl. VAT there - what exactly are you trying to order? The price doesn’t match the German price excl. VAT of either FP4 model.

Sorry, I should have specified ofcourse:

  1. Fairphone 4

  2. Fairphone 4 Screen Protector with blue light filter

  3. Fairphone 4 Battery

So there really doesn’t appear to be any VAT here. I might be better off buying locally :slight_smile:

Seems that way.

Fairphone’s FAQ is pretty clear about this:

There are three exceptions: Switzerland, Norway and the UK. When a shipping address is in one of these non-EU countries, VAT is not added.

Local (import) taxes may apply though, so consult your local customs office and this UPS page.

Also take in account that shipping agencies also require administrative costs for importing from EU countries. They will be higher if you opt for fast delivery.

So yes, I’d recommend you to buy locally if you can, even just because in my experience UPS is a horrible company to deal with and should be handed as little money as possible.

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I’m in the UK
Price was exactly as on the Fairphone website and included VAT at 20 % :slight_smile:

Don’t fuss it’s money and the poor are working for a pitance.

Popping the phone in my basket, it indeed seems to charge VAT in the UK. So you’re right in that they do have a VAT arrangement for the UK, and this is stated on the actual order page. This is an error on that page, but judging by what happens when I look at the Norwegian order page and the cost break-down, the info provided seems accurate for Norway.

But when did you buy your phone? I guess it was preBrexit.

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I’m poor and the added processing fee from UPS the last time they handled a package for me was almost €50. Which I find to be pretty unreasonable, and which equates to almost 17 loafs of bread…
I would prefer not to buy a phone AT ALL, and I’ve usually bought cheaper phones then this but the main reason why my phones need to be replaced is that the battery ends up lasting significantly less then a full day…

Was that 50€ only a handling fee or including VAT, which is 25% in Norway as far as I know.

That was JUST the handling fee. It was 420-ish Norwegian krone, which I suppose is more like €40 when I think about it, but still way too much.

You can check resellers like in Germany for example, whether they can ship it cheaper.

Thank you Incanus, but it IS available locally in Norway. It is very easy to buy the phone. I can actually just head into town and buy one off the shelves, but seeing as how I missed a huge sale (€140 off) which ended just two days ago I wanted to see if it might be cheaper here in the online store.

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What is the price in Norway? As 529€ plus 25% VAT makes around 660€.

It’s about €650 in store here. That’s the cheapest non-sale price I’ve found, but quite a few stores have them in stock. Thats the 256gb-version.

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