Vanilla Music cannot access mp3 on SD card after upgrading to fp open 17.06.4

After upgrade I have been asked how to use my SD card. I chose “for transferring photos and media” because I feared that “format as internal” would wipe my data. Now the SD card is mounted to “/storage/B8A8-1008” instead of “/storage/sdcard1”. In Vanilla Music under Settings -> Media Library -> Indexed directories is set to /storage/sdcard1/music/mp3. I tried to change it to /storage/B8A8-1008/music/mp3 but Vanilla is not updating the path but resets it to the old path instead.
What is going on here?

Nevermind, I misunderstood Vanilla’s “Indexed directories” dialog. You have to long press a directory in order to add it to or remove it from the list.

I still wonder why the mount point has changed?

Renaming of the mount point is Android 6 specific. Don’t know the reason for this. Maybe it is similar approach as with UUID device names under Linux?

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