Vaia - wooden acoustic and visual amplifiers plus environmental project

Just happened to stumble upon this italian project:
:uk: Mission - VAIA Phone Amplifier
:it: La Mission - VAIA Phone Amplifier
:de: Die Mission - VAIA Phone Amplifier
The shop is linked on all those pages.

They use the wood from trees that were felled in the northeast of Italy by the storm “Vaia” in October 2018 to create products.
One of those products is the “Vaia Cube”, the other is the “Vaia Focus”.
The Cube starts from 54 Euro, the Focus comes at 95 Euro, wich is rather pricey.
But for every product they are planting a tree aiming for 100,000 trees (by now they already planted more than 60,000 trees).
I just thought, that this product is in line with the Fairphone philosophy and therefor worth presenting here.

The Cube measures 10x10x10 cm and the slot for the phone 1.2 by 8.6 cm. That’s large enough to accomodate the FP 3(+) as well as the FP 4.


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