Using usb headphones via a usb-c hub


I have some usb headphones (Roccat Khan encase it is relevant). I can use a usb-c adapter to listen to music but I have tried plugging in two different usb-c hubs with power delivery so I could listen and charge at the same time but neither have worked. To be clear the power delivery is fine but when I plug my headphones into the hub the audio does not go out through them. Is this a limitation of the fairphone 3? If it is, does the fairphone 4 have the same limitation?

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Do you mean you use a USB adapter to plug into the jack socket.
and alternatively you use a hub to plug into the USB C port?

I can use a usb to usb-c adapter and the headphones work. If I plug a usb-c hub into the phone and then plug the headphones into the hub, the audio does not come through.

On a hunch I unplugged the power for the hub, plugged it into the phone and then added the headphones then. The audio worked through the hub. I plugged the power back in while the hub and headphones were still connected and the audio continued to work but the phone does not register as charging. Think it might be an issue with charging and audio through the usb port at the same time.


I tried the hub on my switch lite. Power and audio work at the same time with it so think I’ve eliminated as many variables as I can, does definitely seems to the be phone.

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