Using the FP2 and FP3 as VPN-Hotspot

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With riseup-VPN on my FP2 I can use it as a VPN-Hotspot. Now the FP2 gets unreliable and I would like to use my “waiting-for-its-turn” FP3 in the same way. This is not possible without root rights. Now I am thinking of rooting the FP3 (there are no data on it yet anyway) to be able to use it as VPN-hotspot when running riseup VPN.
Question: can I “de-root” the FP3 and still run the riseup-VPN as hotspot? Or will it work only while the FP3 is rooted? I do not want to keep the FP3 rooted because of my banking apps.
The problem seems to me the bootloader locking - I need to install the riseup app again afterwards, so the whole process of rooting would be for nothing… But I do not know enough to understand the whole thing so I still hope there is a chance of using the FP3 as VPN-hotspot and some experienced forum member could help - or tell me it is just not possible.

Root may not be necessary, depending on the details of what you want to do. Use of a proxy app can make Root unnecessary. You run the proxy app on the device that’s sharing its hotspot, and then configure the Internet connection on the tethered device, to use that proxy instead of the open connection.

Have a look around, for example here or here.

Otherwise, of course, you can just run your VPN from the tethered device, but maybe that’s not possible in your case.


Thank you very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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