Using speaker module for standalone projects

The speakers on the Fairphone 5 are quite good, especially so for their small size. I’m not aware of any commercial ready-to-use speaker that is remotely close in size.

Given that they’re sold standalone, I wonder if they’re usable for phone-unrelated projects. Basically, can I connect one to a Raspberry Pi or something similar and play audio on it? Has anyone tried this? Any hints on what pins I’d need to connect or what kind of voltage I need to drive the speaker by itself? Or do they need some dedicated/complex software support?


Did you look at the schematics?

On page 63 there are details.


I’d seen the schematics, but I’m not sure that I understand enough to infer how to use it (this may just be my lack of familiarity).

Specifically, I don’t understand which connector on the module itself corresponds to which pin on the schematics (TFA_BCK, TFA_FS, TFS_DIO, etc).

What I have understood so far is that the main chip is an AW88261FCR. Using the module requires communicating with to control output audio (e.g.: it’s not “just” a matter of feeding analogue signal into it). I think that the chip data sheet provides enough detail to develop a rough prototype.