Using Sailfish OS on the FP2 - Experiences and Issues

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had the same problem and believe it was some package that i installed. but i could not reproduce it so far, after a second complete reinstall. but i didnt install all apps yet. just the bare minimum that i need.


One other question, maybe anybody had the same experience:

In my case, the “mobile data”-button is not always visible in the event-view.

After rebooting the phone it is visible most times, but if I loose the mobile-data-connection it’s getting hidden suddenly and doesn’t appear anymore…

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature? :slight_smile:


This problem is fixed with the latest alpha3 (SailfishOS


@gomerust has the same Problem. We a trying to solve this since 2 month. Looks like on app or package from Sailfish break the camera.

We made a test: after a complete fresh installation - camera is working


About camera: I installed the latest alpha3, downgraded firmware blobs to 1.4.something, updated repository to get Fairphone updates and all is well. Except that camera works for stills, it just hangs and records nothing when I try to record video. Taking good-quality (non-jerky) videos is one of my main uses for better SailfishOS phone, so I was a bit sad…

Any clues how to fix or diag this?

Huge kudos to mel- and all other community members helping in making Sailphone happen :wink: !


What did you mean by “updated repository to get Fairphone updates”? I assume you use the system.img from Open OS 16.11? Alpha3 release should work correctly if the instructions in the wiki page have been followed.


With binary blobs you mean the old modem files?

Latest SailfishOS Alpha3 requires Fairphone Open 16.11.
I can confirm it works also with Fairphone Open 16.12

Modem Files is better to use from Fairphone OS 1.5.1 (not 1.4.something) to avoid battery-drain under


mal and explit: I followed the instructions and fully flashed to Fairphone OS 16.11, all files were flashed. fI then installed Sailfish, and after that I flashed the modem files from 1.4.2(?) and they were identical with 1.5.1.

By reporitory update I meant that long ‘sed’ command that took merproject.org repo into use. I can’t recall if and how a many packets were updated.

I just dmesg’d video, and it says “msm_vidc: 1: No more formats found” between opening and closing the stream…


Oh… OH! It seems I have missed a few steps after the sed command regarding updates… Well, I’ll finish that and report back.

EDIT: Boy wasn’t I st00pid! I failed to understand that the whole code block was about upgrading from alpha2… No wonder it didn’t do a thing. Still in the dark here…

Should I try to re-flash everything and try again or what?


My experience with sailfish on Fairphone has never been worse than with 16.12. Under 16.11 everything is fine, with 16.12 my phone reboots at least 2 times per hour. No idea, why this happens. modem files from 1.5.1.


I don’t quite understand what you are doing, if you just flashed the new Sailfish OS alpha3 then there is no need to run the update section. That section is meant only for updating from alpha2 and won’t even work in alpha3 because repositories have changed. I would suggest reinstalling Sailfish zip since that would probably be easier. Although it’s possible to fix the installation I doubt there it any point in doing that if you just made a new installation.


Considering that alpha3 release is based on 16.11 source code I really suggest using that as the Android base and not 16.12 which might or might not work.


can’t confirm.

my fp2 is very stable with Sailfish alpha3 on top of FP Open 16.12. modem files are from FPOS 1.5.1.
I have no reboots at all


This last exchange makes me think about the possibility of a version of Sailfish that wouldn’t depend on FPOOS.
Would it be possible to have sailfish without FPOOS? The advantage would be not to have to update FPOOS every month. What do we need exactly for that?
I don’t remember having read anything about that; sorry if the explanation has already been given.


Strange, that for some people it works and for some not. But anyway, as long as I stick to 16.11, everything is really fine. Very nice sailfish-experience :slight_smile:


In reality that is not possible. Most of the features depend on Android libraries. Some features could probably be made to work without Android with reasonable work, for example maybe sensors, but others would be very difficult if not impossible like modem. Also the reason why I usually update the required Android base is that we get the security and other bug fixes included the new releases. Even though that makes updating a little bit more complicated I still believe it’s a good thing to do.


Hi Mal,

Indeed i think that would be a good idea also.

Let’s hope now you can get sfdroid running also would be nice :wink:


Thanks for the answer.
I understand that it is a lot of work for you. Thank you for all the time you invest in this!
If Sailfish wasn’t a community version but an officially supported version on Fairphone, would we still have to update both FPopenOS and Sailfish or would we get only one update? How are things on Jolla phones and Aqua Fish as native Sailfish phones?
Sorry for the naive questions, I know nothing about development, I try to understand things form a user point of view.


lets see how it will be on 17.01, which should come out next week.

I always make a full TWRP Backup, befor i flash new FP Open Version., so you can always go back, if you have problems.

There are indeed some difference between the FP2-Devices. Some FP2s having problems, which are not there on another FP2s under the same Software-configuration…


In official phones all of the needed Android libraries and other files are packaged and included in the update. The way the image is done is quite different from ported devices.