Using Sailfish OS on the FP2 - Experiences and Issues


it’s great to see that SailfishOS is actually used.
I would like to know if SailfishOS for fp2 is still in active developing, because the status on Merproject hasn’t changed awhile.
I’ve a strong interested in dual-SIM support, therefore I’m waiting for the next release.
Does anybody know if there’s any hope for it?

Thank you in advance!


I will hopefully have time to make a new release soon, if no blocking issues are found or other delays happen then next week would be possible. It’s already possible to use the latest version (which includes dual-sim support among other things) by updating using devel repos.


Hello ! Yesterday I tested the SailfishOS alpha2 on my FP2, with the TWRP installation (on top of FPOpenOS 16.10) and it worked flawlessly, indeed the TWRP installation is really easy :slight_smile:

After that I’d like to update from to the latest version available (a.o. to get dualsim support), but I didn’t completely understood the OTA paragraph in the wiki… There is a list of command-line instructions, should they be typed in Sailfish’s terminal, or on my computer with the FP2 connected? From what I read above, the depo name has to be adapted to sailfish_latest_armv7hl in order to have the good version, correct? Is there a possibility to make a batch file with these instructions?

Thank you for your work!

The commands for the SailfishOS OTA Update should be entered from the Sailfish Terminal.

If you alredy have SailfishOS on your FP2, start it, connect to your Sailfish-FP2 with ssh from your computer, so you can easy copy and paste the commands in the ssh terminal.

if you have Windows PC - you can use the Program Putty to create an ssh-connection to your FP2, if you have MacOS or Linux, you can enter ssh from the Terminal.

Batch file is not possible, but if you write me an email on explit(at) i can send you a good PDF-Manual, which i have created for installing and updating SailfishOS to


Thank you for your fast answer and your work!!

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I’ve been running SF on top of fp-sibon-16.10.0 for some time now and here are my observations:

  • rear camera not working (front camera does work)
  • sometimes no audio on incoming calls (usually re-dialing helps)
  • random screen lock-ups (sometimes pulling down with three fingers -gesture repeated a few times helps)
  • dual-sim support seems to be available but I haven’t tested it yet

So, not perfect but pretty good overall already! :+1: :grin:

Does anyone know a method for upgrading the Android stuff without wiping and having to re-install SF after?

Keep up the good work!

I hope you used the devel repos (right now also testing repos work as I’m preparing a new release) when updating to Both cameras should work fine. I haven’t heard of any audio problems during calls, if that happens please get output of journalctl -a and /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat, same if latest packages from devel or testing repos still have camera issues. Depending on when you updated from devel repos the last time the latest packages in those repos may have many additional fixes. Android base can be updated by downloading the manual installation version of fp2-sibon, extract the files from the zip and flash only the system.img using “fastboot flash system system.img”.


Thanks for the quick reply!

I upgraded to system.img from fp2-sibon-16.11.0-manual-userdebug and also updated the latest packages from the devel repos -now both cameras seem to be working and no issues so far! :relaxed:

Still need to find a way to install sfdroid -any idea how to accomplish that?

That is ok, but you also need to use devel repo and update to the latest adaptation to get all the new stuff, which Mal- has implemented.

Look in the System Settings about the Phone: Which adaptation do you have?

For today, 28.11.2016 the last adaptation
for Sailfish is
for Sailfish is

If you don’t know how to use the devel-repo - please contact me over email (explit at
I will send you the Sailfish maintance manual, which i have created

I have sfos and adaptation
what is wrong?

You probably used target sailfish_latest_armv7hl instead of sailfishos_2.0.5.6 when updating to Using the former target might cause issues.

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yes I do this.
Thank, I’ll change the target

A small clarification for the target naming in OBS repos, sailfish_latest_armv7hl corresponds to the latest officially released Sailfish version, in this case and it will change to (or whatever the final release version will be) when that is released to all users. In devel repos (which can break features at any time and are meant mainly for developers and testers but anyone can use those if they want) the sailfishos_2.0.X.Y targets are for testing purposes of possible early access releases. In testing repos (the actual released Sailfish for fp2 images use these) the sailfishos_2.0.X.Y targets match the releases of that version and these are recommended for normal users.



I have Build and drivers version so that should be ok.

But now the rear camera started to have problems again. Got it back working for a while with reboot but even that doesn’t help anymore.

It was working fine! I think it got somehow messed up when I was listening to a podcast with gPodder while I started the camera app…

journalctl -a

Nov 30 21:01:19 Sailfish invoker[4579]: error: Failed to initiate connect on the socket for type silica-media.
Nov 30 21:01:19 Sailfish [3267]: [W] DeclarativeWindow::DeclarativeWindow:94 - No default allowed orientations defined. Check your device configuratio
Nov 30 21:01:19 Sailfish ohmd[582]: *** resource_request:  register   12
Nov 30 21:01:19 Sailfish [3267]: [D] QGstreamerVideoWindow::QGstreamerVideoWindow:72 - No m_videoSink available! 
Nov 30 21:01:19 Sailfish [3267]: [W] unknown:201 - file:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/TouchInteractionHint.qml:201:17: QML PauseAnimation: Cannot
Nov 30 21:01:20 Sailfish lipstick[1328]: [D] CoverActionModel::update:131 - void CoverActionModel::update() Clearing model 
Nov 30 21:01:20 Sailfish booster-silica-qt5[4582]: [D] QWaylandEglClientBufferIntegration::QWaylandEglClientBufferIntegration:62 - Using Wayland-EGL 
Nov 30 21:01:20 Sailfish lipstick[1328]: [W] WindowPixmapItem::updatePaintNode:665 - WindowPixmapItem does not have a source texture, cover will be dr
Nov 30 21:01:20 Sailfish ohmd[582]: *** resource_request:  update   12
Nov 30 21:01:20 Sailfish ohmd[582]: *** resource_request:  acquire   12
Nov 30 21:01:20 Sailfish mapplauncherd[4582]: SilicaBooster: Initiate asynchronous preload.
Nov 30 21:01:20 Sailfish ohmd[582]: *** resource_request:  register   13
Nov 30 21:01:20 Sailfish [4582]: [W] Silica::ThemePrivate::ThemePrivate:432 - Defaulting to webview scaling factor of 1.0 
Nov 30 21:01:20 Sailfish ohmd[582]: *** resource_request:  acquire   13
Nov 30 21:01:21 Sailfish [3267]: [W] unknown:17 - file:///usr/share/jolla-camera/pages/capture/CaptureOverlay.qml:17:1: QML CaptureOverlay: Binding lo
Nov 30 21:01:22 Sailfish [3267]: [D] QGstreamerVideoWindow::QGstreamerVideoWindow:72 - No m_videoSink available! 
Nov 30 21:01:22 Sailfish ohmd[582]: *** resource_request:  register   14
Nov 30 21:01:22 Sailfish pulseaudio[1343]: invalid (<null>) target sink for mute-by-route
Nov 30 21:01:22 Sailfish ohmd[582]: *** resource_request:  audio   14
Nov 30 21:01:22 Sailfish ohmd[582]: *** resource_request:  video   14
Nov 30 21:01:22 Sailfish ohmd[582]: *** resource_request:  update   14
Nov 30 21:01:22 Sailfish [4582]: [W] DeclarativeWindow::DeclarativeWindow:94 - No default allowed orientations defined. Check your device configuratio
Nov 30 21:01:22 Sailfish dbus-daemon[1299]: Activating via systemd: service name='org.nemo.transferengine' unit='transferengine.service'
Nov 30 21:01:22 Sailfish systemd[1257]: Starting Transfer engine...
Nov 30 21:01:22 Sailfish ohmd[582]: *** resource_request:  update   12
Nov 30 21:01:22 Sailfish dbus-daemon[1299]: Successfully activated service 'org.nemo.transferengine'
Nov 30 21:01:22 Sailfish systemd[1257]: Started Transfer engine.
Nov 30 21:01:22 Sailfish ne[3705]: [D] TransferEnginePrivate::exitSafely:189 - Scheduling exit in 5000 ms

Don’t know how to fix this -maybe a full wipe is needed…?

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More logs are needed to debug the issue, get all of the journalctl -a output (if not shown then add -n1000) and also /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat and dmesg. You can send those as private message or email if that is not possible.

You wouldn’t got a better advice, than Mal’s advice :smile:
Hes knowledge is much deeper as mine…

Good morning,

I’ve two questions to get ready for installations. It would be very kind If someone could help me:

  1. I’m running the current version of the self compiled OS. To install SailfishOS I’ve to downgrade. But I’m not sure how to do that right. Is it sufficient just to apply the old blobs via sh over the newer ones? Or do I’ve to make a new sync in a new dir?
  2. As I’m on current OS I’ve calibrated the proximity sensor. I don’t know what this does with the system (changing files etc.). Do you know wether it’s possible or not to take advantage of this changes in SailfishOS?

Thank you!
Greetings Berta

Hi together,

a few days ago, I was wondering about those great new apps available in the Sailfish OS-store. What happened? :slight_smile: When I installed Sailfish some weeks ago, there was like nothing available…

@ mal: Do you already know a date for the official release of 2.04.14? Or is it not possible to use the Sailfish OS-update-function to get the newest updates?

Thanks a lot for your work!

With best regards!

Hi Bobbel. Let me answer for Mal, because he is very busy with developing and mainting 2 ! SailfishOS Port Projects (Fairphobne 2 and Samsung Galxy Tab 4)

Nobody know the exact date for the officilal SailfishOS Release.
Only Fairphone BV and Jolla OY can say such date, but they also don’t know it.

I’m using Mal-'s SailfishOS Port for the FairphoneOS since 6 month. With every Adaptation Upgrade it becomes better and better.
The new community release of the SailfishOS Port for the Fairphone will be avaiable soon, i hope Mal- will release it as an X-Mas Present for us :wink:
Software Update on the ported device work only from the command line yet
(Not over Software Update Menu in the SailfishOS Settings)

Stay tuned for the update here:
SailfishOS for the Fairphone

Hi Bobbel !
Unlike explit, I don’t use SailfishOS on a daily basis (I’m running FP OpenOS), but I installed it and upgraded it to the version (using mal- deposit and following wiki instructions). I keep it on my phone storage as a TWRP backup and can easily switch to that OS when I want :slight_smile:

Indeed there is really few applications available in the official Sailfish OS store, but what I advice you to do is to enable third party software installation in the settings then install the warehouse client . This store is full of apps so you may find what you need.