Using Sailfish OS on the FP2 - Experiences and Issues

i am not sure if this helps, with your camera issue, but i had a problem with the camera in Fairphone Opensource 18 as well as in LineageOS 14.1. Today i installed the update for LineageOS 14.1 (nightly build 28.2.) and now the camera seems to work fine .

The camera issue I had was just in Sailfish side, one helper program I use in camera module detection and configuration updater script had a bug.


Hi @pa4wdh, I am in this with you - 2Sim-card would be perfect for me during travels abroad from Europe and the combination of a “fair” produced mobile and a G*****free OS is something I am looking towards since long. I am still on my Fairphone1 as the FP2 was not able to run Sailfish OS. Hopefully this changes now soon (Kudos to @mal!) because Sony would not be my first choice at all and shiftphone ist also not there yet… I will follow this thread and do hope for tests and experiences of you guys! Thanx

@pa4wdh @axelito I use the Fairphone 2 with SailfishOS as my daily driver. It’s a great piece of software, that’s for sure. If i can test something for you, just let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you again @mal for all the work :smiley:

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@ced117 thanks for your offer. My main interest is the combination of SailfishOS and the 2017 Fairphone2 model. Other than that, i’m curious about the dual-sim capabilities, i’m planning to use one SIM for outgoing calls and data, and a second (prepaid) SIM for incoming calls. Both SIMs need at least 3G connectivity.

@pa4wdh Oh, you are talking about the new screen. I dont know exactly if it’s supported already.
Regarding the dual-sim capabilities, i have no idea sadly, i only use one sim card, but i can try with another sim card if needed.

That won’t work. Only one sim can use 3G/4G, the other one is limited to 2G. This is a limitation of the SoC / modem, so neither Sailfish OS nor FP2 specific.

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@BeMiGro Thanks for the info.

@BeMiGro thanks for the info, that’s quite essential to me.
For some reason my prepaid SIM is limited to 3G only, the other one can use 2G/3G/4G, but switching that one to 2G would make data very slow …

Edit: I just tested again because i couldn’t find any information on prepaid and the 3G limitation. Now it works \o/. I guess maybe my initial registration was allowed on 3G only (for security reasons), now i’m able to use it on 2G.

My final image testing revealed a random issue in creating configuration for secondary (front) camera. To fix the issue users would have to rerun certain commands until it works. The error seems to come from Android binary blobs so debugging it might be problematic and I can’t give an estimate how long it would take. Now the question is should I release the image as it’s now or try to solve the issue?

  • Release image in current state
  • Fix camera issue before release

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Normally I would be patient and support fixing the issue first as in the current state the initial user experenience would be worse.
However, as we are talking about the very first release compatible with the only FP2 available for
many months, it boils down to no SF or SF with some annoying setup issue. In this particular case, I am sure most users that bought a FP2 to run it with SF and then learned that now all of a sudden those two are not compatible anymore, couldn’t care less even if the front camera wouldn’t work at all.
This issue can still be worked on and fixed with a new release in short time.
After all, SF on FP2 is still in alpha stage, isn’t it? :wink:


All votes support releasing the Sailfish OS update in current state so I have now created a new topic for the new release (this topic is getting very big already). Release notes can be found at Sailfish OS alpha5 release


A little status update about next release. I have now started first tests with Sailfish OS on FP2. No regressions observed yet. I’m already using bluez5 which brings Bluetooth LE support to Sailfish OS and it also seems to be working well. I will see if I can fix some of the unresolved issues from previous release.


I have a working compass on my test build after basically rewriting how Sailfish OS uses Android sensors. The new code might now make it to my next release yet because it needs some review and testing but hopefully the one after that. Related to next release, I haven’t observed any serious issues with 2.1.4 so I will try to release it soon.


Today i (finally) ordered my Fairphone2 and expect it to be delivered tomorrow \o/.
Of course installing Sailfish is on the top of my to-do list, but i do have two questions:

  1. My current phone (jolla) uses a smaller SIM card than the FP2, on the forums i found some bad stories about using SIM card adapters and others stating the interface has changed and using an adapter should not be a problem anymore. What should i do? Use an adapter or get a new SIM card?
  2. Is there anything i should test or do before installing Sailfish on my device?

I really appreciate your efforts to port Saifish to the FP2. I already downloaded the required files, is it possible for you to provide hashes (preferably sha1 or better) so i can verify the downloads before installing them to my phone?

I would order a new SIM as almost certainly it will be 3 in 1 design, so that you will still have a nano SIM insert within microSIM required by Fairphone 2 for future use.

It would be better from warranty considerations to determine that your new phone is performing correctly using either Fairphone OS or Fairphone Open OS prior to installing Sailfish OS, which are the two approved OS. I would want to check proximity sensor calibration for example. From a personal standpoint I would have installed Fairphone Open OS as TWRP recovery image is installed. Please note that as far as I am aware there is still a problem powering off device with current Sailfish image, but this may not be a problem for you.

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I also highly recommend doing proximity sensor calibration in Android before installing Sailfish OS to prevent any problems the sensor has known to cause on some devices. I just checked and the SHA1 for the installation image is 0ec4bdd8a38a8917ffed6305e83d1728eb1508d3. I will try to get a new image released some time this week.


Thanks for the tips on the proximity sensor, I just did the calibration, the phone is now charging for the first time, after that i’ll give the sailfish install a try.

Also thanks for the hash, it matches my download. Do you also have the hashes for and

The checksums for other files can be found from ✏ FP Open download link archive and

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Hello, there is somewhere the current FP2 compatibility status?
Some news on a future release?
Thank you.