Using Sailfish OS on the FP2 - Experiences and Issues

Hi all, about the video recording issue in Sailfish OS, it seems flashing Fairphone Open 16.10 system.img fixes it. You can find the system.img from I bumped into this issue also after I rebased the development repos to 17.02 and flashing 16.10 system.img made video recording work again. I know which commit in Android repos is causing the problem but solving that is not very simple and also other ported Sailfish OS device have had the same issue.


I’ve spent some time trying out Sailfish as an option for my new FP2. I like the way it looks a lot, but for my serious phone use Android apps will be an absolute requirement. Could you explain why this can’t be added – licensing or technical issues?

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Over at Jolla there’s an explanation.

As far as I understand, Android Apps work in Sailfish OS via a software bridge named Alien Dalvik, which is commercial software which has to be bought/licensed from the vendor Myriad.

Jolla as a company is obviously able to do this for their own Sailfish OS devices, I guess Intex do it for the Intex Aqua Fish.

Sailfish OS on the FP2 is a community port … so some business entity would have to pay for an Alien Dalvik license for that port.


The missing Android app support (called “Alien Dalvik”, not made by Jolla, but by a company called “Myriad”) is a licensing issue - the Jolla phone has ito, because the phone manufacturer paid for it.


Thanks to you both, @AnotherElk and @TobiasF. I’ve read the links. That’s very regrettable.


As said already the Android app support used on official Sailfish OS phones in currently not possible. There is however a work in progress community project for Android app support called sfdroid which would make running Android apps in community ports also possible. That is basically running certain modified Android processes parallel to Sailfish OS and each Android app would show as a separate window like in the official Android app support. It has been working on some community ports but not properly on FP2 yet, I and some others have tried it on FP2 and I even got it partially working in the past (it was somewhat unstable and issues with starting it). More developers would be nice to have for that project.



What is the latest and greatest combination of FPOpen + Sailfish images known to work at the moment?

I would go by what this page says, building on that base you are free to experiment :wink: .

Yeah, the wiki is a good starting point.

But where can I see where the latest development is at?

Any chance to already try out Sailfish OS 2.1.0?

Yes, it is possible
i think you should pm @explit and ask him for the sf pdf

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# Be carefull, make an TWRP-Backup before

cd /usr/share/ssu/features.d/

# Edit the both ini-files

nano adaptation-community.ini

# Change the line adaptation-community

adaptation-community =

nano adaptation-community-common.ini

# Change the line adaptation-community-common

adaptation-community-common =

ssu re
ssu ur
version --dup
zypper ref; zypper up

Note: Some patches or appls may prevent all components beeing updated. If you got the message, that some packets could not be installed, because they would brake dependencies, you need always choose to remove the packets, blocking the update.

Afterwards you can look, how you will install them again.
Iportand thing is, that all packages from are installed.

# I hope, i wrote anything correct here, @mal, please correct me, if something what i wrote is wrong.
Thanks !!


At the moment i have SailfishOS on top of Fairphone Open 16.10
Anything working stable


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Thanks for this! I did the same experience and I would love to use Jolla Sailfish. But without a MS Exchange able mail app it si simply not possible for me. I urgently need this for the next couple of years (including agenda synchronization!!!). I hope some relevant guys read this… Thanks in advance!

Write me an email on explit (at)

Done a week ago, didn’t it arrive? :wink:

I try to answer every request and everybody who write me - i put in the Distribution group. But maybe i missed you somehow. Please send again.

Thanks for this! You asked me earlier to write you an email message, but I actually do not really know, what I should tell you in addition to what I wrote there about Jolla Sailfish, sorry :wink:

I especially miss an email client for MS Exchange. And I also miss F-Droid in the Sailfish store, although it says somewhere it should be there.

Perhaps my message stranded in the junk?.. I will also try to send it from another account.

Thanks, Urs

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Please check your email.
If you have some questions - please contact me over Telegram (@explit)