Using New fairbuds individually

Being a fan of Fairphone, the new fairbuds have peaked my interest. I’m currently still using my WF-1000XM3’s which batteries are still going strong and are very easy to replace so I currently have no need to buy these fairbuds… Yet…

However, one feature that my Sony’s have that I believe quiet a few earbuds dont have is the ability to use ether bud on its own with the other still in the case. The last pair I had prior to my Sonys didnt have this, they were a no named brand that were pretty cheap and when the left earbud was put into the case, the right earbuds would disconnect from my phone. I do like putting one earbud in sometimes so I’m not shut off from the world around me, so someone can see im still listening to them.

So my question is can ether earbuds be used independantly? Or does one of the earbuds transfer the audio signal to the other?

Perhaps this answers your question (see the reply to the question):


Yep, exactly what I was looking for, thank you