Using Lineage OS as a daily driver - January 2018 Poll

Hey dear community,

I am running Fairphone OS 18.1.1 on my FP2 and it runs quite smooth. But I am looking a bit jealously at you Lineage OS users for Android 7 support. I know similar questions have been asked a few months ago, but Lineage is developing quite fast as I understand. Therefore my question: Can you recommend LOS for daily use?

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I actually never really ran the FP OS except to enable USB debugging to prepare for the LOS installation, so I can’t compare. :wink:

LOS is absolutely fine for me and my daily usage.

The only drawback is that LOS lacks the possibility to disable a SIM card, see Where is "Disable SIM" in LineageOS?


I’m running LineageOS w/ microG since some time now and am absolutely fine with it.
The only drawback I currently see is that my combination microG with Yalp does not support the payment/ registration verification methods of my two favorite paid entertainment apps (a music player and a sudoku app), so I can’t use those.
I could probably easily solve that by installing Open Gapps (pico), but I prefer to keep the lean microG installation and the improved battery life.


Im fine with install OpenGapps, but thanks for the feedback :wink:

Oh, in this case … I use LineageOS with OpenGApps pico since October without issues (at least I can’t remember).
I can’t test Dual SIM, but else feel free to add things to check :wink:

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I use LOS with microg since Xmas. I’ve experienced less random reboot (2 in 1 mouth) than before and I found a better user experience.

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LineageOS is fine for daily use, but it is again more complex compared to general FairphoneOS, or at least their developers offers more settings to the user. And with its different flavours or additional installation of microg and other add-ons I can recommend it only to technical-affine users. Maybe in case also for power-users. For other people who just want a working phone maybe not really.

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Thanks for your feedback. I the clear majority in the poll above convinced me and I am currently setting up Lineage on my FP2. I am not an average user, anyways :slight_smile:



For myself as IT guy I use LineageOS, because it has a lot of professional features.

On the other hand for my non-IT parents I’d always use the FairphoneOS, because it’s more safe to update (no untested nightlies like LineageOS). Additionally FairphoneOS doesn’t upgrade so often to an new Android version, so my parents can get used to a specific Android version for quite a long time.
Last point: I’d say something different for other devices than the Fairphone 2, because you might need LineageOS to get recent security updates (e.g. cheaper Samsung phones). But Fairphone is one of the few vendors doing a very good job in delivering the latest Android security patches for their stock OS.


I’m using dual SIM with LOS since December and have not had any problems so far.


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